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ATTENTION: We DON'T reply to inquiries concerning only the purchase price of our puppies!

All our males have the full breeding confirmation and are available for stud service.

The Canine Brucellosis, the Herpes Viral, Mycroplasma bacteria and the Chlamydia are present and can affect our dogs. From the owners who want to mate their bitches with one of our studs, we request to proceed a blood screening for these diseases - we also do it with our females whenever we plan to breed them. If no certificate can be presented, ONLY an artificial insemination will be possible. The health of our dogs is of primary importance.

And here some important information, as I have heard that someone alleged that many of the dogs which have been used here for breeding, are sick. Can't people gather information before they spread such untruths and bring serious, honest breeders in discredit??? And in case dogs which were planned to be used for breeding were really sick, we would have on the one side NEVER taken such a dog into the breeding program, and on the other side the responsible breed club would have NEVER given a breeding confirmation. We have females WITH FULL breeding confirmation, but did not use them because e.g. for our perception they did not have enough teeth (which can occur unfortunately with hairless animals), respectively they are too big or did no suit the ideal of the breed for our liking. By the way, this kennel was the first one in Austria who made the gene test for CSNB with the Briards and for prcd-PRA with the Chinese Crested. So much for the reliability and honesty of this kennel.

Does it then surprise when there are breeders who don't publish any health results? Anyway, thanks a lot to such brainless people spreading lies!

NO, these dogs are NOT sick, when you find written that they are carrier of prcd-PRA or PLL. This only means that such dogs carry the gene, will never suffer from the disease and shall only be bred to a partner which does not carry such genes. It goes without saying that all breedings were considered carefully, and at the time when the first Chinese Crested were bred here, worldwide it was not relinquished to keep carriers in the breeding program as the gene pool was too small. Offspring out of breedings with one carrier had to undergo the corresponding gene test BEFORE a consideration of placing the puppies was made, and ALL owners got the health certificate of their dog. If possible - when a breeder did not insist in a certain dog - always clear dogs were placed with breeders. In case owners of carriers bred them to a carrier because they have no breeding rules or don't stick to them, this is unfortunately for the offspring and their future owners not in our influence.


November 28, 2017
Hippie (HIGH PROVOCATION von Shinbashi) arrived from South Africa.

January 26, 2015
Secret (Explicit's SINS AND SECRETS FOR CAIPIRINHA'S) had her patella check: she is Patella 0/0 (certificate).

May 15, 2014
Memy (Multi-Champ. INCREDIBLE ME  von Shinbashi) has given birth to the Caipirinha's P litter, 2 males, 1 female (all hairless), after Keanu (Multi-Champ. Whisperingln' THE DEVILS ADVOCATE). The puppies are prcd-PRA and PLL clear by default. Pedigree of the litter

May 5, 2014
DNA eye test results of Emily Rose (Explicit's SHUT UP I'M STILL TALKING) are back: she is prcd-PRA carrier and PLL normal/clear.

April 15, 2014
On March 18, 2014, Memy (Multi-Champ. INCREDIBLE ME von Shinbashi) has been bred to Keanu (Multi-Champ. Whisperingln' THE DEVILS ADVOCATE). Today's ultrasounds confirmed pregnancy. Mid of May this litter, the Caiprinha's P litter, is expected. Pedigree of the expected litter

January 27, 2014
Today at noon our new family member and kennel addition has arrived: sweet little Emily-Rose/Emmy (Explicit's SHUT UP I'M STILL TALKING). Thanks so much to her breeder and our great friend Theresa for entrusting us this treasure. We hope she matures the way Theresa and we expect, and that we can make our dear friend very proud when showing Emily. Thanks to our friend Marlene for having been willing to fly to the USA, meet with Theresa and get the little girl here.

January 15, 2014
Memy (Multi-Champ. INCREDIBLE ME von Shinbashi) got her full breeding confirmation.

January 10, 2014
Patella subluxation examination of Memy (INCREDIBLE ME von Shinbashi): result 1/1 (Certificate)

January 9, 2014
Eye examinations:

  • Keanu (Multi-Champ. Whisperingln' THE DEVILS ADVOCATE) - clear of MPP, PHTV/PHPV, Cataract (congenital), RD, Hypoplasie-/Micropapille, CEA, Entropium/Trichiasis, Ectropium/Macroblepharon, Distichiasis/ektopische Zillen, Korneadystrophie, Cataract (non congenital), Lense luxation (primary), PRA (ECVO certificate)
  • Memy (Multi-Champ. INCREDIBLE ME von Shinbashi) - clear of MPP, PHTV/PHPV, Cataract (congenital), RD, Hypoplasie-/Micropapille, CEA, Entropium/Trichiasis, Ectropium/Macroblepharon, Distichiasis/ektopische Zillen, Korneadystrophie, Cataract (non congenital), Lense luxation (primary), PRA (ECVO certificate)