Marvin in Memory

Caipirinha's LEE MARVIN in memory


January 10, 2009 - December 14, 2016

Sire: Champ. WW WJW ONE TO REMEMBER de GabriTho (Austria * hairless * Patella negative, CERF normal/clear, prcd-PRA normal/clear * World Winner 2012, World Junior Winner 2008, Champion Coratia 2008/Bosnia-Herzegowina 2008, Central Eastern Europe Winner 2008, Junior Champion Slovakia/Austria/Luxembourg)

Dam: Multi-Champ. Family Song's ULA (Import from Slovakia * hairless * prcd-PRA OptiGen® normal/clear, PLL carrier, CERF frei, Patella negative * full breeding confirmation Slovakia and Austria * special selected in Austria * Hungarian Veteran Champion 2016 * Croatian Champion 2010 * International Champion (FCI) 2009 * Slovakian Grand Champion 2008 * Champion Slovakia 2007 * Third Best Chinese Crested Female Slovakia 2007 Club)


Marvin was out of the first Chinese Crested litter in this kennel. As nobody was interested in him he stayed with us. He was always a happy, vivacious and highly amicable playmate for all other dogs here - big and small. Shows have not been visited with him, and therefore he always had a short hair cut for reasons of easy grooming. To  take no risk of an unwanted breeding of one of our females we had Marvin neutered.

Never ever we would have thought that this sweet and always healthy boy will leave us at the age of not even 7 years. He is missed - like all the others which have already gon over the Rainbow Bridge. Comfort is the fact that during his few years he could always spend a life full of joy and energy.